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Chula Vista Locksmith Chula Vista, CA 619-210-0290Carrying around a bunch of keys for a commercial building can be tiresome as well as inconvenient. Keys also tend to get lost and break every once in a while – not to mention the fact that if someone has your key, they can use it to open your lock without your permission. Keyless locks are a great alternative to regular key based locks for commercial businesses. If you are a business located in the Chula Vista, CA area then Chula Vista Locksmith can set you up with the best commercial keyless entry locks in the market. Our service has installed plenty of locking systems over the past decade, so you can trust us to do the job effectively.

Great advantages offered

These systems offer a large number of advantages to business owners. Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • No need to carry keys: With keyless locks, you won’t have to lug around a bunch of keys with you anymore.
  • Access hierarchy: If you want certain parts of your property accessible only to certain people, these are a great way to gain access control.
  • Never get locked out: Because these locks require no keys, you won’t ever lose them and lock yourself out of your property.
  • High security: Many keyless systems are high-security – meaning they provide you with maximum possible protection against external threats.
  • Super convenient: It’s very easy to open keyless locks. All you need, usually, is a fob or a swipe of a finger.

Choose from an extensive inventory

We carry an extensive variety of keyless entry locks commercial grade. Grade 1 locks, according to the American Locking Standards Institute, provide the maximum possible protection against external threats. We source locks from reputed manufacturers and have both mechanical as well as electronic variants on offer. Some locking systems are combination based while others work with a fob, your finger, or even your smartphone.

Free consultations

For those undecided on the type of commercial keyless entry locks that they need, we offer free consultations. Our locksmiths will inspect your property and give you some expert advice on the kind of locks you could get, depending on your budget as well as the layout of the building. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals, so you can rely on their expert advice.

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